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黒い濡れた岩盤が両側にそびえ、天を仰ぐと高い空が蒼い川となって見える拠点に迷い込んでおる。  清潔な淡いけれど華やかな、澄み切った幾筋もの日光が渓間に漲っている。  明るい林に、ひめやかな生気に溢れた苔の匂い。  この一年間に体内に集積した酸が抜け出す。  明るい空の下の息苦しい程の植生の猛茂、静穏に圧倒される。  微かな風の音が『かさこそ』聞こえるばかりで、『シーン……!』とした森のそれとも、黒い岩盤のそれともつかぬものに、心が奪われ体を捕まれ動けなくなる。 

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Archie Shepp 1 2 3 4/ Live at the Pan-African Festival   :     Brotherhood at Ketchaoua(15:45)、1969年、アルジェリアでのパンアフリカフェスティバルライブ。  アフリカのリズム、楽器の合奏で始まる、チャルメラ風リード楽器、ポリリズムの洪水。  芦笛の強烈なユニゾン打楽器による、呪術風のシンプルなメロディー、これが次ぎ次ぎに入れ替わり、複数の乾いた音色の太鼓。  延々と繰り返される複雑なリズムの乾いた太鼓の連打はとても長く続く。  シェップ(Ts)殿の絶叫風フリー・フォームブローイングは、圧倒的なポリリズムの奔流、勢いに流されそうになりながら融け込んで行く。  We Have Come Back, Pt.1(7:00)、紹介アナウンス、アフリカンリズム・ヴォーカルの洪水、C. Thornton(Cor)の飄々としたフリー・フォームソロ、さらにシェップ(Ts)のフリー・フォームブローイングが少し。  We Have Come Back, Pt.2(23:30)、Pt.2へ切れ目無く続く、ホーンの精力的な放射、シェップ(Ts)の助奏は続く。  駆け足風の速いシンプルな2拍リズム、シェップ(Ts)のフリー・フォームブローイングは次第に熱を帯びてくる、チャルメラ風が加わる。  D. Burrell(P)のフリー・フォーム、アフリカのリズムの大海に一切が飲み込まれてしまう。  A. Shepp(Ts,Vo)、C. Thornton(Cor)、D. Burrell(P)、Alan Silva(B)、G. Moncur III(Tb)、S, Murray( Ds)、Ted Joans, Don Lee( recit)、unknown Algerian musicians、First Pan-African Festival', Algiers, Algeria、Release Date:July 29, 1969。

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Julia Fischer 1/ ☆□You Tube Search :     A TV PORTRAIT vorgestellt von Sol Gabetta   Handel/ Halvorsen Passacaglia   Grieg/ Piano Concerto -1 -2 -3   Sibelius/ Violin concerto -f   Bach/ Sonata No.1 in G minor, BWV 1001 Partita No. 1 in B minor for solo violin, BWV 1002 Partita No. 2 in D minor for solo violin, BWV 1004 -1 -2 Chaconne Sarabande 1 2 Partita No. 3 in E major for solo violin, BWV 1006 ViolinConcerto BWV1041 -1~ 〃BWV 1042 -1 -2 Concerto for oboe and violin BWV1060 1 Conc. per 3 violini e orch. BWV 1064 1   Joseph Hayden/ Streichquartett F-Dur op. 77 Nr. 2   Max Bruch/ Violin Concerto Scottish Fantasy   Mendelssohn/ Violin Concerto -1 -2 -3 -f -f   Mozart/ Violin Concerto No.1 in B-dur, K.207 Concerto KV 218 -1 -2 -3 -4 Piano Trio K502 -1 -2 -3 K364 -1 -2   Beethoven/ Violin Concerto -1 -2 -3   Brahms/ Violin Concerto -f -f -1~ Double Concerto -1 -2 -1 -2   Paganini/ Violin Con. no.2 3rd-La Campanella Caprice  no.13 no.16  no.17   Saint saens/ Violin Concerto -1 -2 -3   Hindemith/ Sonate   Vivaldi/ Four Season -f -f -Spring -Summer -Autumn -Winter   Tchaikovsky/ Violin Concerto in D major, Op 35 -f   Glazunov/ Violin Concerto -f   Dvorak/ Violin Concerto in A minor, op 53 -1 -2    Josef Suk/ Fantasy opus 24   Wieniawski/ Polonaise No 1 in D Major Op 4 1   Prokofiev/ Violin Concerto no.1 -f   Khachaturian/ Violin Concerto in D minor -f    Halvorsen/ Schott Passacaglia for Violin & Viola

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Barry Harris 0 1/ ☆□You Tube Search :     ♫ Play List -Barry Harris  ♫ Top Tracks for Barry Harris * 0 1 Ruby, my dear Lolita A Night In Tunisia I'll Keep Loving You Fukai Aijo It Could Happen To You Georgia On My Mind Sweet Pea No Name Blues Once in a While I Want To Be Happy Ladybird You Sweet & Fancy Lady Stay right with it Reed And a Half I'll Remember April The 11th Street Bar sun dance Oblivion Dance Of the Infidels Round Midnight 1 Hot House Body And Soul Solo A Time For Love I Should Care Passport To Walter Davis Jr. with Love K.G. All the Things You Are Bag's Groove A Sleepin' Bee Dancing in the Dark Morning Coffee Just Friends How High The Moon Moose The Mooche East Of The Sun The Last Time I Saw Paris I Love Lucy These Foolish Things Luminescenc Nascimento Star Eyes Tea For Two Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Be My Love Isn't she lovely If You Could See Me Now Skylark Trio Chasin' The Bird Like This! Soultrane Woody' nYou  To Monk With Love Like Someone in Love 1 On Green Dolphin Street She  There's No One But You Jumpin Bluesy You Sweet & Fancy Lady Embraceable You Ornithology White Christmas Just Friends Be My Love Anthropology If I Loved You Ruby My Dear A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square Well You Needn´t Solo Londonderry Air Webb City Giants of Jazz trio 1985 11St Bar Cherokee 見上げてごらん夜の星を Tadd Dameron -f

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Otis Rush 1 2 / ☆□You Tube Search : (Blues) :     ♫ Play List -Otis Rush ♫ Top Tracks for Otis Rush * 0 Any Place I'm Going I Got The Blues Old Love Blues for Otis Rush I Am with You  Got To Be Some Changes Made Right Place Wrong Time My Jug And I I Wonder Why Three Times A Fool Lonely Man Easy Go  Take A Look Behind Your Turn to Cry Rainy Night In Georgia So Many Roads: Live In Concert All your love I Got The Blues It Takes Time You Know My Love All Your Love Me Every Day I Have The Blues Double Trouble You Reap What You Sow All Your Love You Fired Yourself Three Times A Fool'' & ''Groaning The Blues Crosscut Saw Three Times a Fool  Cold Day In Hell AS THE YEARS GO PASSING BY Double Trouble Homework 1 Hold That Train Working Man So Many Roads You're Breaking My Heart All Your Love reap what you sow It Takes Time Contro So Many Roads Reap What You Sow  Gambler's Blues 1 High Society Sweet Little Angel Mean Old World Woke Up This Morning Feel So Bad 1 All Your Love It Takes Time Please Love Me Motoring Along WIll My Woman Be Home Tonight Double Trouble (original version) Sweet Little Angel DOOR TO DOOR Can't Quit You Baby All Your Love   Walking the backstreets and crying HOMEWORK Live in London 1983 Crosscut Saw  Feel So Bad Luther Allison RIGHT PLACE WRONG TIME Right Place, Wrong Time It's my own fault, baby Instrumental  So Many Roads Gambler's Blues I`Cant Quit You Baby 1 In Concert Double Trouble (Live At Montreux 1986) All Your Lovin' Homework   Live in Chicago -f London 1983 -f at Montreux 1986 Full Concert -f LIVE 1981 -f