Google Maps ストリートビュー(☆ お気に入り) USA -South Carolina: Myrtle Beach(ストリートビュー)キューバ-2(ストリートビュー)


動物的反射と創意工夫の過程などでの、”ハッ!!”とする閃きめいたものを感じるとき、人生・人間のヨロコビを感じることができる。  まして、体に電気が駆け巡るほどのことは、…… ぐらいしか思いつかない。  日常の生活の一端に過ぎない、朝日を浴びて電車に乗り工場に向かい、夕陽を瀬に受けて何も考えずに家路を急ぐ、米を研ぎ野菜を洗い、魚を焼き食器を洗い、=(・。.・)= 猫を探し本を拡げるのと同じ。   つまり衝動である。

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Archie Shepp 1 2 3 4/ Coral Rock  :     Coral Rock( 21:35)、ゆったりした散歩のテンポさまざまな楽器の自由な助奏の賑わい、ホーンアンサンブルのユニゾンで始まる、ドラムはコンスタントなリズム『シャ!・シャ!・ドカン!・ドカン』を提出。  シェップのリード(Ts)は、フリー・フォームで準備中のの姿勢、ホーン(Tb)と(Tp)の短編の発表、自由に入れ替わり音列・短編のブローイング・放射、不穏な企みを込めたベースのボーイング、シェップが不協和音打弦の断片を放つ。  I Should Care(21:35)、シェップの打弦、大股歩きで開始、不協和音を多用した花崗岩宮殿の構築に勤しむ、リズム部門はフリーフォームで精力的なエネルギーの搬送。  じわじわとホーンが加わり、トロンボーンは憂愁をたなびかせ、新たなる飛翔の構え。  トランペットは、単調なメロディーを繰り返し、ますます苛立ち・混迷の自己を曝す。  A. Shepp(P,Ts,Main Performer)、Bob Reid(B)、C. Thornton(Tb)、J. Jarman(Tp)、Muhammad Ali(Ds)、Bobby Few(P)、Djibrill(Cng,DS)、L. Bowie(Tp)、Ostaine Blue Warner(Prc)、Release Date:July 23, 1970。

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Katherine Jenkins 1/ ☆□You Tube Search :     ♫ Play List -Katherine Jenkins  ♫ Top Tracks for Katherine Jenkins * 0 Se Si Perde Un Amore Laudate Dominum 1 Caruso 1 EVERYTHING I DO 1 City of Angels Cinema Paradiso Nella Fantasia La Califfa 1 Vide cor meum Lascia ch'io pianga Il Canto Della Terra Torna a Surriento The Prayer 1 Nessun Dorma 1 The Flower Duet Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix How do You leave the One You Love? Quello Che Faro Le cose che sei per me Ancora Non Sai Cinema Paradiso 1 Nella Fantasia 1 2 La Califfa 1 Hymn To The Fallen 1 Don't Stand On My Grave And Weep Fear of Falling 1 Pie Jesu 1 Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming Aranjuez 1 Adagio Break It To My Heart O mio babbino caro Una Voce Poco Fa 1 Seguidilla habanera Gypsy song 1 Popstar to Operastar Who Wants To Live Forever I believe at Strictly Come Dancing And This Is My Beloved Time To Say Goodbye 1 Pachelbel's Canon I Who Have Nothing 1 2 3 Abigail's Song Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep All Things Bright And Beautiful No Women,No Cry Every Flower Tells A Story Live at the O2 -1~ Live at Llangollen -1 -2 -3 in Argentina -1 -2 O Sole Mio Love Never Dies La vie en Rose Cymru Fach 1 Green Green Grass of Home Bring Me To Life 1 Fear of Falling Love Angel 1 Till There Was You Secret I Will Pray For You 1 Pássaro de Fogo I will always love you 1 L'Amore sei tu & One Fine Day Kiss from a Rose You Welsh Medley Calon Lan Don't cry for me Argentina I Vow To Thee My Country 1 Somewhere 1 Somewhere Over the Rainbow Down In The River To Pray Ave Maria Hallelujah Rejoice 1 2 Music Of The Night 1 Questo e Per Te 1 Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind Suo Gân O Come All Ye Faithful Loose Women We'll Meet Again Cardiff A Nightingale Sang - We'll Meet Again My Heart Will Go On All I Ask Of You Gravity You Raise Me Up Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer Un Bel Di It's Now Or Never I Only Want To Be With Parla Più Piano Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas -1~ -5 -7 -9 -fin Katherine Jenkins Photo 2 3 talk 1 2   full album*

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Billy Higgins 0 1/ ☆□You Tube Search :     ♫ Top Tracks for Billy Higgins * When Will The Blues Leave? Billy Higgins Senior Sowet Back To Bologna Together With Love my funny valentine Round Midnight Do It & Charles Lloyd Lonely Woman Ramblin Una Muy Bonita Civilization Day Ornette coleman 4 tet -1 -2 -3 -4 Ornette Coleman Quartet Five Spot After Dark 1 John Coltrane If I should Lose You Waltzing Westward Keep On Movin Cedar Walton Trio Lament Cool Struttin Body & Soul Naima-1 -2 Soul Eyes & Simone Conservation -1 -2  93" Pat Metheny  Q -1 -2 'James' - 1986 Live in Spain Lonely Woman Canteloup Island  umbria83 '86 Desert Moonlight -1 -2 Heineken Concerts - 1993 I Fall in Love Too Easily Sandu The Summer Knows Rene Strange As It Seems  I'm a Fool to Want You Somethin' Special  Conservation -1 -2 Make Sure You're Sure Bolivia Lament Star Eyes Yesterday

♯♭♪ (*^.^*) : Despina Vandi 1/ ☆□You Tube Search :     ♫ Top Tracks for Danielle Darrieux * To nisi Kmmati Ap' Tin Kardia Sou Geia Yparxei zoi Katalavaino Mou Xeis Perasei 1 Anapliromatikos Erota thelei i zoi Provlepsimos Yparxei zoh Simera Girismata Mou his perasei Maska Akros Tolmiro I BELIEVE IT Pethanes Feugoume kardia mou THIMISOY Thimisou Ti Kano Moni Mou PERITOS AGAPI SPANIA Olo leipeis SIMERA Lipame Marameno THELO NA SE DO GIA 1 GIATRIKO Anaveis foties ELA EFIGES Opa Opa Koritsi Prama COME ALONG NOW Erota thelei i zoi LATHOS ANTHROPOS Tolis Voskopoulos... Eulekta ulika Μou ftiaxneis tin mera tha thela To Adieksodo H MELODIA TIS MONAKSIAS tha 'thela Kathe Mera Amane Deka meres deka nyxtes To Proto Mas Fili


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